What kind of promotion material we have prepared for distributors?

welcome to easy gold 24 my name is Tobias Henderson and I am responsible for the user experience at the Hartman and Ben's today we are in the marketing section and I would like to introduce the promotional tools we have created for you our partners. we are in a section my sales of the partner account we have registered as an affiliate and have received our very own promotional link please note that this link is not an affiliate link it is a marketing link only meant for you this is your access to further promotion tools to attract new customers let me demonstrate how it works we copy this link here and then paste it into a new tab now we land in our promo tools section we are in the marketing area now the most important thing first is your personal affiliate link in this box here your personal partner number is already included in this link every time you send this link to a customer he or she will be directed to our site via this link and thus be assigned to you so do not forget to send this link to the customer you can also tweet the link post on Facebook email it or send it via whatsapp however it is most important that you use this special link this link is particularly advantageous because it has a cookie term of 30 days if the customer lands on our site via your link but does not immediately decide to open up an account the data will be stored in the customers browser for up to 30 days this means if the customer returns to the easy gold 24 website a few days later he will still be assigned to you however should you notice at any time that you have recruited the customer who has not been assigned to your account you can send a complaint to us just go back to the section my sales and you will find the tab send invoice or complaint if you select contracts you'll find a form for your complaint just download and complete it then enter the form in here and finally upload and submit the form back to the promo tools if we scroll down here you will see numerous promo and web banners designed by a graphics department you can use all these banners because every HTML code here already contains your affiliate link simply copy the HTML code and embed it on your website the customer just clicks on one of these banners and is automatically directed to our website via your affiliate link if the customer now registers or logs in he will be automatically assigned to your account up here there is a small download area with other very interesting things let us take a look at it starting with a sales contract let us assume that you are at the point of sale at the customers or in the office in these cases feel free to use the sales contract that we have provided for you here just download the purchase contract and enter the data as well as the order quantity the current price is displayed in the current gold ticker on the easy gold 24 website the sales contract we provide already contains all the important details including the small print all we need here is the customer signature and the document can be submitted without any delay furthermore the information for the VIP business area is also available for download if we download the file we can see all the benefits of the VIP program however a minimum investment of 500,000 euros is required as it offers various advantages it is particularly interesting that the gold price paid by the customer is 2% below the spot price the current prices are stated on the easy gold 24 website we have also prepared a call center script for you which we will download now to have a look all the information is already there for you starting with the salutation the reason for calling the presentation etc what do you offer until the sale is closed here you can see how the colleague in the call center should best proceed you can change the script according to your needs but it is most important that you always stay with the truth only use the facts from the script please and always follow the rules of the game with the consent of the customer the consultant can register the customer at the end of the call of course however if the customer does not have time simply send him or her an email and let the customer do the registration in this case it is important to enter your affiliate link in your email would your customer like to use the escrow service no problem information on the escrow service is also available here in the download area if we look at the information we can see that the escrow service is explained in detail again should the new customer wish to use the escrow service feel free to use the declaration of confidentiality we have provided for you our managing director has already signed the declaration and you can submit this document once the new customer has signed it a colleague from risk management will then take care of the following steps so let us look at the so-called perfect sales talk in 8 steps now this is for your information the perfect sales talk in 8 phrases mister harlot seek an expert for key account management has compiled this information for you this is a great and powerful tool on how to conduct the perfect sales pitch everyone should read this information in order to benefit from it what happens after the phone call as mentioned before there is a pre formulated email for you to send to the new customer nevertheless there is still more promotional material for your customers they can all read the information again and be sure to have made a really good and safe investment in addition we have further information,on customer advisory here everyone does their own thing of course but if you'd,like to collect some innovation points on the perfect customer advisory you should reread here there are some useful,tips that have proven themselves finally,since we have summarized the advantages of investing with the easy gold 24 once again the presentation is available as pdf-file for download this information can be,printed out of course although it is available on our website however you might want to hand out this information to your customers in the office or at the point-of-sale we have,compiled this information for you information you can offer to your customers and last but not least promotional tools to attract new customers should you have any suggestions or any further question please do not hesitate and use the contact form below my colleagues from support click here are at your service at any time.

Easygold offers its distributors a lot to make the work easier. From banners with your affiliate link to contracts for your customers.


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